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Engineering Community

Important Dates

Message from the Chair

As the field of human-computer interaction (HCI) matures, the role of engineering becomes more important. Within HCI, the Engineering Community emphasizes applications that will reliably improve economics of operations, or safety to life and property. In addition, there is growing demand for to produce software in a manner that is more methodical, predictable and economical. So, our Engineering Community is concerned with tools and user-centered techniques for analysis, design, and evaluation.

The community of professionals who share interest in advancing engineering in HCI is broad. We invite you to join us if you are:

  • Software engineers, developers, designers, architects, or managers, who are actively engaged in building interactive software;
  • Researchers, who investigate how methods and tools that are based on the principles of science and mathematics can produce interactive applications in a way that is more reliable and economical;
  • Educators, who prepare students for careers related to software engineering and HCI.
  • Software professionals, who work on applications for use by engineers.

The methodical approach of engineering work lends itself well to interchanges between those whose work on engineering applications and those who work in engineering research or education. If you see your work as relevant to our Engineering Community there are many types of forums where you can share your results and your experience, learn from others, and participate in lively discussions.

I hope you will choose at least one submission if you share our interest in the importance of engineering in HCI. Also, I look forward to getting to know you at our meeting of the special interest group (SIG) for engineering in HCI that will be scheduled in the CHI 2010 conference program.

See you in Atlanta!

Keith A. Butler
University of Washington, Department of Human Centered Design & Engineering
Contact: engineering@chi2010.org

Types of Submissions

You can submit proposals in the following categories:

I especially encourage you to submit interesting Case Studies that illustrate how engineering techniques were used in applications projects. A good Case Study can advance our understanding of engineering in CHI by focusing on a specific project that has broad implications.

There are two options for Case Studies: Long Case Studies (maximum of 16 pages); Or, Short Sketches (4 pages). Both will be presented at the conference, and archived in Extended Abstracts; DVD and ACM Digital Library. Submissions for Case Studies are due by 9th of October.

For more information on any of the types of submissions you can follow their links above, or see the Call for Participation.

Review Process and Criteria

The basic criterion for presentation at CHI 2010 is new information that will advance the field in important ways. For each type of forum there are additional criteria listed for it in the Call for Participation. If you prepare a submission that focuses on the engineering aspects of HCI we will make every effort to get it to reviewers who are technically knowledgeable, experienced, and passionate about the importance of engineering in HCI.

Preparing Your Submission

You must prepare your submission in the format that is required for each type. Please use the term “engineering” in the title, abstract, or author’s keywords to help us get it to qualified reviewers. You can contact engineering@chi2010.org if you have questions about engineering submissions.

I encourage you to check the due dates, read the requirements for your submission ideas, and start now, if you haven’t already.