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We’ve identified offerings at CHI that we feel have special relevance for the CHI Management Community.

Sunday, April 11
Workshop - Researcher-practitioner Interaction, all day

Monday, April 12
Course - Leading Innovation Workshops (CN05), 11:30am - 6pm

Tuesday, April 13
Course - Managing a User Experience Department (CN13), 2:30 - 6pm

Wednesday, April 14
Panel - Managing User Experience...Managing Change, 9 - 10:30am

Thursday, April 15
CHI Mgmt SIG, 11:30am - 1pm
Course - Innovation Games for User Research in Agile Innovation (CN 27), 2:30 - 4pm

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Message from Carola and Jim, Management Community Co-chairs

As HCI matures as a discipline and grows in influence, UX leaders need support and to share lessons-learned with leaders in other organizations and universities. Indeed, success of design and research initiatives depends significantly on how UX leaders position their organizations, partner, and build support with senior leaders.

Our goal is to bring to CHI 2010 discussion, shared tactics and lessons learned in managing HCI teams, as well as methods for ensuring strategic relevance and partnership with senior leaders of all kinds.

We would like to hear questions and insights from experienced leaders as well as new voices, to help evolve the practice of leadership throughout the UX community.

The management community has three areas of focus:

  • Identify and learn from common situations leaders face.
  • Share knowledge about connecting HCI to business, including tactics and case studies for evangelism, ROI, and increasing relevance.
  • Provide venues for HCI leaders to connect and share stories of both challenge and success, so we can all learn.

Jim Nieters, Yahoo, USA
Carola Thompson, SAP, USA
Contact us: management@chi2010.org

Types of Submissions

You can submit proposals in the following categories:

You can submit a proposal relevant to the management community in any of these categories. We also encourage multi-community proposals that look at management in the context of design, education, engineering, research, or usability. Please see the Call for Participation for more information about the different submission categories.

Review Process and Criteria

The most fundamental review criterion for the management community is whether a submission will help leaders in their mission to manage HCI organizations. The help might be in the form of new ideas, a comparison of ideas, lessons based on experience, or insights based on experimentation. The individual submission categories have additional review criteria (which you can find in the description of each category). If you have questions about submissions for the management community, please contact us at management@chi2010.org.

Preparing Your Submission

Read all the above material and the Call for Participation section for the particular category you are submitting to (Panels, SIGs, papers, courses, etc). Prepare a submission in the format required by your submission category.

If you have questions about submitting proposals relevant to the management community, please contact us at management@chi2010.org.