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CN13: Managing a User Experience Department

Quick Facts

Time: Tuesday, 13 April 2010, 14:30 to 18:00
Units: 2
Organizers: Janice Rohn


This tutorial will benefit participants interested in creating and building highly effective User Experience organizations.


This course is primarily targeted at managers who manage a user experience group or who have been given the mandate to start building such a group. It will also be useful for higher-level managers who have a user experience group as part of a larger organization.


This course was delivered 4 times at NNG conferences in 2004 and 2006.


Learn how to:
  • Assess the company culture, business goals, and needs
  • Perform a skills gap analysis
  • Assess and justify budget
  • Structure and position the team
  • Create job levels and pay scales
  • Hire, train, and develop the team
  • Build internal processes
  • Build influence
  • Top strategies to practice and pitfalls to avoid


Janice Rohn is a leader in web site, web application, mobile, software, and hardware design and usability. Janice is currently Vice President of User Experience at Experian Consumer Direct, and she previously built and led User Experience teams at LEVEL Studios, AT&T, World Savings Bank, Siebel Systems, and Sun Microsystems. Janice also worked in user experience at PeopleSoft and Apple, and began her career while performing research at Stanford University. She has been responsible for creating and launching hundreds of successful products and services, a number of which have won awards. Janice is an expert on the full product lifecycle and range of user experience methods.

Janice is past-President and a founding Board Member of the Usability Professionals’ Association (UPA), and was the Usability Chair for two Computer Human Interaction (CHI) conferences. She worked with Vice- President Gore’s office and members of Congress to raise the awareness of the economic impact of usability and user experience. Janice has over 50 publications, has presented at many conferences, and has given keynote speeches and guest lectures at several universities.