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CN15: Ajax Design and Usability

Quick Facts

Time: Wednesday, 14 April 2010, 9:00 to 13:00
Units: 2
Organizers: William Hudson


This half-day interactive course breaks new ground in relating Ajax technology to key principals of Computer-Human Interaction.


Web and intranet designers, information architects, usability and HCI professionals. No specialist skills or knowledge are required.


This course was first presented at a PHICHI event in September, 2006. It was highly-rated at CHI 2007 and CHI 2009. It was also part of the conference program for HCI 2007 and 2009 in the UK. A one-day version of this course has been presented as part of Nielsen-Norman Group conferences.


On completion of this tutorial you will be able to:
  • describe the principals of Ajax
  • explain the differences and similarities between Ajax and other web technologies
  • assess the benefits or drawbacks of applying Ajax from a usability and user experience viewpoint


William Hudson has over 30 years experience in the development of interactive systems. He has contributed material on user-centered design and user interface design to the Rational Unified Process and to Addison- Wesley’s Object Modeling and User Interface Design (van Harmelen, 2001). He is the Director of User Experience for the Intranet Benchmarking Forum and has written regularly for the ACM’s interactions magazine and SIGCHI Bulletin. William’s background in software engineering makes him well-qualified to discuss the principles of Ajax.