Media Showcase

Whole Body Large Wall Display Interfaces
Garth Shoemaker, University of British Columbia, Canada
Takayuki Tsukitani, Yoshifumi Kitamura, Osaka University, Japan
Kellogg S. Booth, University of British Columbia, Canada

This video demonstrates an application that uses a body-centric approach to support interaction with very large wall displays. The design is centered on a virtual body model that represents the users in the context of the workspace, relative to one another as well as to the display(s). This concept of body-centric interaction serves both as a design philosophy and an implementation approach and is both general and powerful. Our approach is general because if the model is detailed enough, a broad range of interaction techniques can be implemented. It is powerful because it opens up an entire class of new interaction techniques: those that depend on properties of a user’s body, such as arm or hand pointing direction, head direction, or body location or orientation. The video highlights some of the body-centric interaction techniques that we believe are of value based on how people use their bodies in the everyday world.

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