Media Showcase

’STEPS’: Walking on the Music, Moving with Light Breathing
Yoonjung Hong, Jaesung Jo, Yoonhee Kim, Tek-Jin Nam Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, South Korea

Recently calm technology has been widely applied. Many cases help to enhance social intimacy among close people. Particularly, the area of family members has opportunities to support feeling of connectedness. We aim to investigate of implication through case study of calm technology to support social interaction. We suggested a mutual communication system; Steps, it supports emotional communion in short time separation. It consists of an attachable device for parents and shoes for children. It helps remote and non-verbal communication in a shopping context. We achieved to solve the worry of safety and fear, curiosity issues by sharing their steps. It is also sublimated from daily activities to pleasurable interaction. It suggested a possibility to extend the application of calm technology.

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