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Presenting at CHI 2010

Standard Audio-Visual (A/V) Support

The conference will provide the following equipment to support your presentation:

  • One data projector, to display images from your computer to the screen in the room. Resolution will be maximum 1024x768 pixels.
  • One audio connection into sound system for the presentation computer
  • One podium microphone
  • Up to three table microphones for panels, one per two presenters
  • Wireless Internet access, provided for all attendees at the Convention Center

No computing equipment will be provided. All presenters must provide their own laptop, or arrange with their Session Chair(s) to upload files to another presenter's laptop. If you prefer, computers will be available for rent from a local vendor. Please contact technology@chi2010.org for rental details and prices.

Wireless Internet is available throughout the Center. Please check the password and access on site at the Speaker Ready Room prior to your presentation. If you must have Internet connection for your entire session, it is possible to add a hardwire connection to the room. Please note that these requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis only. Please contact technology@chi2010.org with a justification of your request.

Note: Posters will have no A/V support. If your poster presentation requires A/V, please contact technology@chi2010.org to discuss rental options. Additional details on poster presentations will be posted separately as they become available.

What to Bring

In order to ensure that your presentation runs smoothly, do not forget to bring the following items with you to the conference:

  • Power source (extra battery or power cord)
  • Any cables and/or adapters that you use at home. If you are using a Macintosh computer, please remember to bring the conversion cable from DVI to VGA. These will not be provided.
  • A backup of your presentation on CD-ROM or USB memory stick. If your presentation contains large embedded videos, it is always a good idea to bring a copy with the video as a separate file just in case.
  • Sense of humor (just in case)

A common mistake made by presenters is trying to use too many different visual aids. We advise you to stick to one format (e.g., a PowerPoint presentation) unless absolutely necessary. Click here for additional presentation tips.

At the Conference

We strongly suggest that you meet with your Session Chair and co-presenters the day prior or morning of your session at the conference. Your Session Chair will contact you via email prior to the conference with more details.

Check your conference program to confirm your presentation location and time. You must arrive 20 minutes before your session starts to arrange your materials, test the A/V equipment, and learn the stage layout.

Speaker Ready Room

Speakers may reserve a designated projector in the Speaker Ready Room rooms to help them prepare materials and rehearse for their presentations. Appointments will be taken on a first-come, first-served basis, and should be made on-site.