Presenting at WISH

Information about preparing your presentation for WISH follows. Please also note the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Checklist for all presenters

  • Register for CHI and WISH. If you already registered for CHI, you can just go back and check the box for WISH in your original registration. If you have not already registered for CHI, please register for at least one day of CHI as well as WISH.

Checklist for poster presenters

  • Prepare a WISH Poster Madness presentation. Create a 35-second presentation using a single power point slide, an auto-advancing slide deck, or a video. Our requirements for presentations match the CHI Madness requirements, except that our time limit for each presentation is 35 seconds. More information on formatting your submission can be found at We recommend that you include at least one title slide with the title of your poster, authors, and their affiliations. If you are presenting more than one poster at WISH, please prepare separate presentations for each poster.

  • Submit your WISH Poster Madness presentation. If possible, upload your presentation file to the WISH submission site by logging in to the WISH Electronic Submission Web site. Once you’ve logged in, locate the ‘Presentation’ section and ‘Edit’ your presentation. You should be able to use the ‘Browse’ button to locate your presentation, and then ‘Upload’. Please also add presenters if a different author might be presenting during the actual WISH Poster Madness session. Invited poster authors may not be able to use the submission site. These authors can email Lauren ( with their presentation file.

  • Choose one author who will attend WISH to present the madness slide at WISH. This author should be available by 1:15pm on Sunday to be ready to line up for the session.

  • Set up your poster. You will have time in the morning before WISH starts (8am) to set up your posters. WISH will take place in the same room as the poster session, so posters set up early will be visible during the workshop.  There will also be time after the daytime workshop sessions (6pm to 7pm) when the room will be reset for the reception, during which time you can put up your posters. You will each have 4ft by 4ft, matching the dimensions given for CHI posters.  

Please be available at your poster during the scheduled poster session for discussion with workshop attendees. We also encourage you to be available by your poster throughout the workshop, during breaks.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. When should I set up my poster?
    Either before WISH starts, which is our recommendation, or during the break before the reception (6pm to 7pm). The program is located at

  2. Can I give a demo on a laptop during the poster session?
    Unfortunately we cannot support demos (we cannot guarantee a power source and there will be limited space). If you decide to bring a laptop to present your work, please do not block others or run cables across the floor where others will walk.

  3. How large should the poster be at the conference?
    The dimensions for AO format are 84cm x 119cm, or approximately 33" x 47".
    Please make sure that your poster fits inside a 4 ft x 4 ft area (48" x 48").

  4. If I want to attend WISH, but not CHI, is that possible?
  5. Due to our collocation, we require that you attend at least one day of the CHI conference immediately following WISH.

  6. Where will WISH be located?
  7. WISH will take place at the Hyatt Regency in Atlanta, Georgia in Centennial 4 on Lower Level 1.