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CHI 2010: We are HCI

CHI 2010 looks outward to the human experience of computing in the world. “We are HCI” challenges our community to embrace the diversity of HCI in the world and to exclaim our commitment as a profession to empower people from all walks of life.

Help create “we are HCI” for CHI 2010.

Photograph the human experience of computing in the world. Please contribute candid photos that may or may not be connected to your HCI professional activities. Please no researcher / demo photos that emphasize the creation of an artifact. We want to showcase the authentic experience of computing in the world.

You can upload photos on Facebook or Flickr, or you can send them to:

CHI 2010 – We Are HCI
GVU Center at Georgia Tech
TSRB, MS 0760
85 5th Street, NW
Atlanta, GA 30332

We ask that you offer your work under the terms of the Creative Commons Noncommercial license, so that we may share it at CHI 2010.


Elizabeth Mynatt
Conference Chair
Keith Edwards
Technical Program Co-Chair
Tom Rodden
Technical Program Co-Chair